[Food Review] Roemah Nenek


Hi, guys! Yesterday me and my fwens, Nia Woy and Lare went to Roemah Nenek for “buka puasa”. Roemah Nenek is a family concept restaurant, located in Jl. Taman Cibeunying Selatan No. 47, Bandung. It close to Taman Lansia, Bandung. The place is very homy. There are many old photographs hanging on the wall and vintage decorations, such as gramophone, old radio, and stuffs. Nia Woy said that the restaurant was founded in 1920.

I ordered Galler Bratwurst, a bratwurst sausage with mushroom sauce served with french fries and vegetables. I think the best part of this main course is the sweet vegetables, especially dice of carrots. The bratwurst itself taste not bad and I prefer Winner Bratwurst. You have to spend Rp 34,000 for having Galler Bratwurst. I think the price is not that worthy, related to the taste.

We had a quality time together. We talked about interesting topic that night, from illuminati, psychology, comic, The Dark Knight Rises, Japan, to global economy and politic. LOL! I felt so excited to discuss about these topics, even though I felt so spooky and such as loss of consciousness.

Surprisingly Nia Woy and Lare gave me a pot of linen flowers that Lare has made. There is a bird origami tucked among flower stalk. There is a message from Nia Woy, a motivation one. Big thanks for the little sweet surprise, cute linen flowers, and the supports, girls! Love love! 🙂


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