Ennichisai 2012

Jakarta Little Tokyo Ennichisai is a Japanese art and culinary festival held annually in Melawai, Blok M, Jakarta. There are more than 150 booths offering wide range of Japanese food, products, games, etc. There are also 2 stages (traditional & modern) and procession performed by Japanese and Indonesian.

This year, Ennichisai presents “ARIGATO KOKORO NO TOMO” as the theme of the event. This means “THANK YOU, TRUE FRIEND” in english. “Kokoro no Tomo” is a song, sang by Itsuwa Mayumi in the 80’s, and to this day, remains to be one of the most famous Japanese song in Indonesia.

Ennichisai 2012 held for 2 days; (30/6) and (1/7). I came on the last day with Adit. We had great time and food here. We tried several Japanese foods, unfortunately I forgot to capture it and note it all. Sorry for the blurry photos :p

(source: http://www.ennichisaiblokm.com/)


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