[Concert Review] Mocca: Dear Friends

Mocca held their reunion concert last Saturday (30/6) at Dago Tea House. The concert was titled Dear Friends. It was Mocca’s first concert in Bandung after vacuum on July 15, 2011. Now they’re back to the stage! I came on 7 with Adit and Kiki. When we arrived, there were Alit and other seleb twit. The show started at 8. The seats were full. We didn’t get seats for two, so we sat on the stairs. Many people had to stand while enjoying the concert. Dear Friends concert was opened by On The Night Like This and closed by It’s Over Now. Audiences successfully persuaded Mocca to play the encore; The Object Of My Affection and I Can’t Believe You’ve Cheated On Me. I love the audio, lighting, and the ambience. I love Arina’s tap dance performance. I love the playlist. It was worth the price for having 27 songs played. I love when people sing along with the band. I love how communicative Arina was. Overall, I love the concert. Much more than their previous performance at my high school prom night. Btw, I’ll give you the playlist below.

  1. On The Night Like This
  2. What If
  3. Oh No
  4. I Will Never
  5. My Only One
  6. Lucky Man
  7. I Remember
  8. You
  9. This Conversation
  10. I Love You Anyway
  11. You And Me Against The World
  12. Hyper Ballad
  13. Secret Admirer
  14. Do What You Wanna Do
  15. The Best Thing
  16. Hanya Satu
  17. Butterflies In My Tummy
  18. Me And My Boyfriend
  19. Lucky Me
  20. Happy
  21. I Will (Beatles Cover)
  22. Life Keeps On Turning
  23. Let Me Go
  24. Swing It Bob
  25. It’s Over Now


  1. The Object Of My Affection
  2. I Can’t Believe You’ve Cheated On Me

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