Cooking Time!

I feel so blessed. 3 days in (not really) a row I met my beloved friends. Started from Saturday (23/6), I gave my welcome hug to Tesya, my friends who has been in France and never been came home for 2 years. Gerombolan has united again! Even though we missed some personnels. Spent hours to chat, laugh, and good food. We made promise to meet up again on Tuesday. Then we’ve fulfilled the promise.

Tuesday (26/6), we met again. We decided to spend hours for cooking in Bule’s house. Our first menu was strawberry mousse. Followed by the main menu that day, cream baked egg. The last meal was sausage with barbecue, which was unplanned menu. The recipes were taken from Bule’s blog. Here are the recipes for: strawberry mousse and cream baked egg.

And these are the photos during our fantasticooking day..

*Special thanks to Mega Nadhira for several captures 😀


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