Mimpi 25/6/12

I’ve slept for 8 and half hours, started from 12:30 AM. I didn’t remember the whole dream, but this is what I remember.

I met Joko Anwar in a cafe. Suddenly the setting changed into classroom. We were sitting together in the back of classroom. We were talking about movies and stuffs. Minutes later, the teacher informed us that all the students had to move to the next class.

The next class were different from the previous one. There were long bench over the room. Joko Anwar chose the bench in the back row, while I chose the front row. I sat next SBM mate, but I forgot who he is. The setting changed to the forest. I was seated in a swing vehicle with several people, approximately about 8. The vehicle turned us upside down. There was nobody outta here, but us in the vehicle. We were screaming out for the help. Then a woman with blazer came right after someone’s crying for a help in 180 degree ongoing vehicle. A woman released us with a requisite; we must follow her rules. After we had been rescued, some of us prepared our camera and iPhone to capture the scenery, thought it was a great instagram material to be posted :p

She took us to a small house in the forest. She gave us a war costume. “For survival,” she said. We didn’t have any idea what to do. She divided us into teams. One team consists of 6 persons. We had to hand in hand with each other. Woman should be in right side because the patrol car is in right way. We were released into the wild life. There were wild animals surround us. We could directly touch them. Some of them were dangerous such as snakes, tigers, sharks, etc. All we had to do was.. Survive!

First round was deers. We had to walk through deers. It was easy but we did it carefully. Then we met sharks, snakes, etc. I forgot. In a round, I forgot what round it was, suddenly the fog was coming. Foggy everywhere. I couldn’t see anything. I heard a big steps coming. In a fog, I saw a giant in Superman costume. Gawd.. We passed the round well. The next round was in a dark room. Bloods were everywhere. The setting was similar to area in SAW. There were badasses and murderers. We passed it. The next round, I forgot the details. Still in the dark.

Finally we came to the last round. The sun was shining too bright outta here. We were brought to the cafe. We talked for hours with random people. The dream was over with the need of poop in my dream. LOL!

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