[Movie Review] Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


I went to the closest cinema and watched this movie. I’ve been waiting for this movie because I’m interested in vampire thingy lately. I had expected that this movie would be great since I saw Tim Burton’s name as one of the producers. Well.. Let the review begins.

One word: Dafuq?! The movie was about Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) who was working as slave since a kid. He has ability to play with axe. He loves to write a journal. A thick journal that always be kept in his pocket.

One fine night, he witnessed himself how his mother was murdered by a vampire. Since the terrible murder of his mother, he decided to do the revenge. Time goes by, he grew old and ready enough to do the revenge. He shot a vampire but he missed it. Then someone helped him. His name is Henry (Dominic Cooper). Started from that day Henry saved Lincoln’s life, they became a couple of best friend.

Henry trains Lincoln some excellence actions to kill the vampires with the agreement that Lincoln won’t have any friends nor family. Even falling in love with someone is a forbidden for Lincoln. Lincoln agreed that. All the important thing is do the revenge for his mom.

But the fate tells the other way. He is falling in love with the girl name Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Lincoln has broken the vow, and the situation’s getting worse. The confusion is about begin; love, kill the vampires, and pursue his dream in law field. How can Lincoln manage those things? Will he choose love over the revenge? For the rest, you have to watch it yourself.

Besides Lincoln’s revenge to the vampires, the movie also would like to show audience about the journey of Abraham Lincoln to become Mr. President. How Lincoln against the slavery in USA in that year, I forgot what year it was. Timur Bekmambetov also pictured the scenes when Lincoln giving speech uphold humanitarian. This is interesting. Because all these politic things are related with the vampire thingy. Err.. Interesting yet dafuq.

I personally adore the action scenes. Especially when Lincoln plays with his axe to kill all the vampires. The scene when Lincoln tries to kill one of the vampire among the running horses also impressed me. It was thrilling cool action scene. The other scenes that has impressed me was the fighting scene on a train.

I’d like to give applauses for the make up team because the vampire’s face was sooo successfully scared me off.

Overall.. ★★★

Favorite Quotes

There is darkness EVERYWHERE! You are not the only one who has lost everything! – Henry

If vengeance is all you seek, you will never be able to save mankind. Fight this war with me, not for one man but for the whole world… Mr President. – Henry

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