in the middle of may

i’m writing this on may 21, which is not in accordance with the title. but let say we are in the middle of may because i’m not freakin’ ready for the end of this month.

okay. so i just finished my 8th semester in college. one more semester left. it means i’m so close to the graduation thing. but! i-have-not-finished-my-damn-thesis-yet. that’s what i’m going to talk about… actually.

the fuckin’ thesis is haunting me all the time. from i’m waking up to pulling my blanket in the night. i always remember that goddamn thing. more than i remember anything in my life, including my mom and my boyfriend. i’m speaking the truth and this is not lebay.

i don’t do anything about it. just remember it and not take any action to it. sometimes i really have a will to do it and always end up with browsing something useless. in the next day, i decide to not turn on my laptop. and it works.

i’m on chapter 3. but my chapter 1 has not finished yet. it needs a little retouch and voila! i have not done the second chapter yet. not even a single word. and my chapter 3… needs little retouch and i can’t voila that until mr. togar accept the whole contents in there.

this goddamn thesis should be finished on july. the thesis session should be done on the same month. august is the last chance for us to drop the final copy and do the thesis session.

god.. i’m not ready for this. so please just give me power to through this shit. please god, please…

the end of the curcol. *take a nap*


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