[Book Review] The Book With No Name

the cover is very attractive. that’s why i bought this book. the title also made me so curious. the book with no name by anonymous. sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? anonymous also writes the sequel of this book. the first book is the book with no name, then followed by the eye of the moon, and the last series is titled the devil’s graveyard. the trilogy also known as the bourbon kid series.

the book with no name was published by kantera. the 493 pages tell you thriller fantasy story that occurred in santa mondega. the city is full of badass and murder is a common thing that happens all the time in there. until one day there is a uncommon murder which is very terrible happened in santa mondega. the victim always look very pathetic and gross because the killer took off their eyes and tongue. this makes 2 police are involved to reveal the incident. for the rest, please read the entire of this book.

i really like the part when the mystery behinds this incident was revealed. i never suspect how the ending would be like. the conflict between those 2 polices slash detectives also full of controversy and interesting. another best part of this book is the font and the translation is very easy to read.

so, what are you waiting for? especially for you who are a fantasy/thriller story mania. this book is like 4 out of 5 you must have.


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