[Book Review] Nightmare Side 2

writer: nightmare side ardan team
size: 13 x 19 cm
pages: 212 pages
publisher: Bukuné
price: IDR 31.000

“don’t ever read this book alone…”

i’ve warned you and give you no guarantee if you are scared while reading chapter by chapter. nightmare side is a radio show in 105.9 ardan fm bandung every thursday night. it announces ghost stories that happened in bandung, indonesia. then the nightmare side ardan team posted and published the collection of stories into a book. first, they made nightmare side, followed by nightmare side #2.

nightmare side #2 contains about >15 mysterious stories that related to supernatural, ghost and stuffs in bandung. every chapter will make you feel creeped. once, i read this book alone in my room at 11 pm. i feel something unwell and then i decided to close the book. it really made me feel scared. one of the stories that successfully made me scared is when someone who doesn’t believe in the presence of spirits and stuff trapped in another world and came back in the next 2 weeks. it warned me that we don’t have to out dare the spirits and make fun of them. we have to believe the presence of them but not to be worshiped. and many other horror stories in there.


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