[Book Review] Rumah Cokelat

here comes another masterpiece of sitta karina, one of my favorite author. rumah cokelat is quite different from her other books. this is a story about Hannah, a metropolitan woman who works in multinational company, following fashion trends and lifestyle, loves to paint, has a charming husband named Wigra, and 2 years old son named Razsya.

this book wants to tell the readers (especially young mommy)  that it’s not easy being a mom in big city like jakarta. Hannah as the young mom have to manage her little family; the relationship with husband and her little son; face the truth that her son prefers to the baby sitter,  face her own mom who becomes annoying and has different thought about how to raise a child, work hard to saving money for her little family, face her high-school best friend who tries to introduce her with another guy, and lot of problems.

can Hannah survive with her current life? how does she survive with these all kind of problems? you have to go to bookstore and buy this momlit genre book. i personally like this book so much. it gives me a perspective about how hard to be a young mom in big city like jakarta. maybe one day i’ll become like Hannah and this book really such a prevention guide for me :p the language that sitta karina used is very simple and readable. my favorite part is when Hannah have to maintain her relationships with all those people at one time.

okay readers, go grab fast and enjoy the book!


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