i bet you’re questioning right now. what’s the meaning of these pictures? yap. you won’t understand, you won’t laugh. these are pieces of memories of my high school moment. pictures that could reunite us and make us laugh together.
it was made by luman, one of gerombolan, to be printed for tesya and mega’s birthday surprise. but it was failed because our busy days towards exam and exam. then years later, rani uploaded these pictures and tagged us on facebook.
you may wonder the meaning of the last 4 pictures above. it was made when i was in eleventh grade. there was a subject called bahasa indonesia. the teacher asked us to play a drama. my group had decided to play dora and the explorer drama. i’ve got a role as boots the monkey :p the story begun with dora and her monkey decided to go to strawberry mountain and had to across the chocolate river and ice cream field. LOL
omygod. i miss them, my gerombolan. fyi, i’m crying while writing this post. really miss them. really miss those moments. nobody can take gerombolan’s place in my heart. sounds melancholic but it’s true. 10 of them are the best i ever have, my high school mates. :’D

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