a view from pos pengumben at 6:25 this morning
good morning all! it’s 2012 already! that means we no longer put 2011 or 2010 in the end of date column. how was your new year? did you celebrate it or not? was there fireworks burst or just time countdown on television? however it happened, i’d like to say happy new year for all of us!
2012. a new year, a new day, new hopes and wishes, and maybe new phases of life. insya Allah, this year i’ll be graduated and put S.Mn on the last of my name. aaamiiin! gotta do the best and pray for the greatest result.
so, i’m gonna make some resolutions for this year:
1. finish the final assignment on july this year with all efforts
2. trial thesis on july or august (depends on the schedule given from the lecture)
3. graduation on october with cum laude or at least get cumulative grade point above 3.5
4. accepted in l’oreal or unilever as an operational staff, i hope i will be accepted in supply chain management division on september
5. get my first salary above 5 million rupiahs on october
6. have 100 grams of gold on october
7. run online shop business in fashion on february
8. have at least 2 mini websites for affiliate marketing business on january
9. start mandarin course on february
10. get married on december huahahaha!
let’s say amin together and insya Allah with my God’s and parents’ blessing, i will accomplish all my resolutions this year. amin 🙂

11 thoughts on “2012”

  1. because chuck norris always wins. jadi ya mau gak mau harus sama dia deh hihihihi. kyaaaah udah mateng banget rencana nikah lo feb ampe udah netepin desember 2012. bentar lagi dong? (ga kerasa loh) \(^-^)/

  2. @alvia nurindira: jiahaha. gue mah aaamiiin aja vi. doakan lancar ya. tinggal memastikan lagi sama bonyok gue, kalo iye, lanjut deh. kan target doang sih tuh desember :p aaamiiin

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