[Food Review] Dekwek

i was attending ippho santosa‘s seminar at asy-syarif mosque (al azhar bsd). it was about 7 wonders of fortune. thank God and daniel aries, as my gold coach, cause it was free of charge seminar :p that was the first time i saw ippho santosa. he is one of the great figure ever. he taught us to be positive and patience. he really concerns about right brain, how successful people mostly use their right brain for creativity and adaptable with changes, than the left side. i’ve got so many lessons from the seminar. especially the moment when ippho said that if we want to be success, then we have to pay zakat/sadaqah every 10%-20% of our income. gotta give more and more benefits to others too.
after the seminar, me and my lovely man on the earth (this is how i describe my boyfriend) went to this restaurant at jl. panglima polim V no 60 jaksel. dekwek serves plenty of variant menus that made from peking duck. i tried duck burger as you can see on the picture above. my man ordered duck satay with rice. all of them taste gooooooood! the duck meat taste yummy, lil bit crunchy because of its fried flour, and not taste like duck meat in the common. IDR 15,000 is the price you have to pay for 1 duck burger. for duck satay, it costs 20,000 something rupiahs. dekwek also have their delivery service. overall, dekwek got 3 out of 5.

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