stranger in your dream

this post begins with my friend’s tweet. i’ve just read and now i’m wondering who is this man? i typed the address on my chrome and found that this man appeared in at least 2000 people’s dream. these 2000 people have no relation each other. and of course they don’t recognize this man. most of the confessions that they made, this man was recognized as a nice, humble and wise guy. they have never ever met this guy in the real world. i’d like to ctrl c+ctrl v the dream scenes from some who ever met this guy appeared in their dream. taken from this website

“I have had this recurrent dream for some years now. A tall, dark man shows me a picture and asks me if I can recognise my father in it. The man in the picture is this man I have never seen before, he looks nothing like my dad, nevertheless I inexplicably answer that I do recognize my father. At this point I usually wake up feeling very peaceful. Other times the dream continues, I am standing before my father’s grave, I place some flowers on the ground and I realise the photograph on the tombstone is missing.” 

   “I fell in love with him from the very first time I saw him in my dream. Even though if I think about it I must admit he’s really ugly. And yet each and every time, he sweeps me off my feet with his romantic gestures and sweet words. He buys me flowers, jewellery, he takes me out to dinner or to the beach to watch the sunset.” 

   “The first time I had a dream about this man I was having a hard time at work. I had a dream about getting lost in a huge and deserted shopping mall. Suddenly this man appeared and I started running away from him. He chased after me for what seemed like an hour until I found myself against a wall in the kids’ area in a supermarket. At this point he smiled at me and he showed me the way out towards the cash desks and I woke up. Ever since that night this man has appeared in all of my dreams and he always gives me directions to get out of the dream and wake up.” 

   “I saw this man in my dream, dressed as Santa Klaus. When he showed up I felt so happy, just like when I was a little girl. Then he smiled at me and his head became a balloon,floating in the air above me, but no matter how hard I tried to catch it, I just couldn’t reach it.” 

   ” I dreamt of this man when I was in the 10th grade. He hasn’t been in any recurring dreams just one very memorable and terrifying dream. In my dream I was stuck in a room sitting on a stool. A few feet away from me there was a television set. I was ‘visited’ by two men I had never seen before (not ‘this man’) and they both attacked me. I woke up covered in sweat and tears and I was screaming. I somehow fell asleep then I found myself back in the room. I started screaming and crying. Then This Man showed up on the screen. I begged him to not harm me. He didn’t change his blank expression or speak. He slit my throat and I woke up. I suppose he let me out of the nightmare but I couldn’t stop thinking about him for weeks. I still have some of the sketches I drew of him. I know it’s kind of weird.” 

   ” I dreamt this man… was Brazilian and very handsome. He was a schoolteacher type with 6 fingers on his right hand. He said if the US had a nuclear disaster: go North!” 

   ” I have seen this man in 3 completely different dreams. He was slightly different from the picture, but I recognized him immedialely. He appeared suddenly and disappeared in the same manner. His message in all 3 of my dreams was:” It’s all over”. That was repeated 3 times in each dreams. The differences in the picture and the man in my dreams are: his hair was a little longer in the top; his eyebrows were not as bushy. Other than that, he is identical. I had no fear of him, but many questions.”

these are some of the original drawings made by the people who have seen this guy in their dreams. the identikit that is currently used is based on these portraits.
i personally didn’t remember whether i have met this guy in my dream or not. but to tell you the truth, once i ever dreamed about meet a new guy. i remember his face but not his name. in my dream, we become a couple of friends and he was very nice. in the real life, i never met this guy until one day i just hung out with my friends and i forgot to bring the cash, so i went to the ATM at Senayan City. and guess what… i met this guy!!! in the real life!!! he was standing in front of me, using the ATM and then just go away. OMG what a coincidence! until now, i know nothing about that guy and we haven’t met again.
how about you readers? have you ever met that mysterious guy who has appeared in everyone’s dream?  or have you ever met a stranger in your dream in the waking life? 🙂

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