Recently Updates + [Book Review] A Very Yuppy Wedding

this phase of life time has come again. it’s tearing up our life, forced us separately into our own business. I’m a best friend of loneliness. my best hang-out friends are too busy with their own activities. stack of paper that should be done before the deadline and the crazy workload are obstacles that we can’t avoid. the different of our schedule makes the interaction between us fading slowly. it’s hard for us to come back again as one and hang out together. God, do these kind of bitter life always happen in every 3rd grade student’s life?
I’ve just finished reading a novel by Ika Natassa, titled ‘A Very Yuppy Wedding’. a story about a girl named Andrea who’s working as a account manager in bank and falling in love with her co-worker, Adjie. the policy that state ‘fellow co-workers were forbidden to marry’ ruins their relationship. Andrea and Adjie are two persons who have great ambition in reaching a career. both of them are in the top of their career and have to decided who’s gonna leave the company. shortly, they’re gonna get married and there were lot of problems that both of them faced.
one of their problem is trust. it’s not as simple as abc to trust someone, to give someone trust. especially when someone has made us lose our trust to them. but then, like the cliche love story, love always be the winner. the patience of Adjie has lead their messed relationship to be tidied up again.
lesson learned: keep the trust and be patience to all of the problems. as a couple, the problems have to be shared and solve it together.

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