3rd plurk anniversary + sushi tei new menu

october 30, 2008. that was the first time I sign up a social media account, called plurk. time flies so fast, and I didn’t expect that I’m still updating my plurk. usually, if I get bored with something, I tend to delete the account. I don’t know why but that’s all happened for my first twitter account. I removed it on 2007 just because I got bored that time. but this plurk, this is my first plurk account and I think it will be last forever.
I’d like to thank plurk for make my life so colorful. I got so many friends from this site and… I met my boyfriend here for-the-first-time. in virtual world exactly. I met kind of people here with their interesting plurk. the essence of plurk is a safe place for us to throw anything you can’t tweet, haha! it’s like a curcol place for us. err maybe just for me.
that’s all for plurk topic. and now I want to share you these yummy new variant of sushis. I went to Sushi Tei with my boyfriend and ordered theseee
the first picture is salmon cheese roll. the price is Rp 65,000 for 8 pieces of crab sticks, tamago sushi roll with salmon and mozzarella cheese. the third picture is nori ten sushi. I forgot how much it costs 😦 it’s a fried seaweed with avocado and sushi rice. last but not least, introducing you a kinoko roll. with only Rp 20,000 you can get 6 pieces of shitake mushroom, enokitake mushroom wrapped with sushi rice.
after having lunch, we went straight to my home and studied together. my boyfriend was busy with his organizational behavior’s tasks and I was reading operational excellence strategy’s study case. I’m  the happiest girl today \:D/

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