graduation and cooking class

first, I’d like to say ‘yeay! congrats!’ to my dear boyfriend, adit. finally he graduated from his undergraduate program… after 7 years waiting. ok, forget about it because I know it’s too sad to be talked about. pokoknya mah congrats ya 😉
after graduation ceremony, we went to chatterbox at central park to attend jakarta globe “romantic food” cooking class. that was our first experience in cooking. there were 7 couples, and we were given our own table and cooking tools and ingredients. at the beginning, there were 5 tables only and 2 couples including me and adit hadn’t had a table for cooking. but the crew from jakarta globe had coordinated with the restaurant management so in the end, these 2 couples had a table for cooking, yeay!
the first food is chicken mushroom fettuccine. we were given the recipe already but we had to follow the chef’s steps to make a great plate of fettuccine. we had to pay attention to what ingredients that must be added in a frying pan. bla bla bla and finally we’ve created our fettuccine. our first fettuccine :’) it tasted… not that bad. we’ve found that our fettuccine was less tasty because of the salt we poured in was much less. we have to add more salt, cheese and olive oil next time. unfortunately, our fettuccine was much better than others loh :p
next food is strawberry explosion. it’s an experiment from the chef. the basic is called strawberry rebecca, a scope of ice cream decorated with raw strawberries. but this time, we try to add an ‘explosion’ to the dish. unfortunately, we didn’t try to cook the strawberry. we just watched the chef in front of us demonstrate the steps. the strawberries must be sliced to half. then fry it with butter, sugar and cinnamon. you can add rum, vodka or liqueur to have a good taste. because that was a halal cooking class, so the chef didn’t add those enhancer. and then just put those strawberries into a plate and add one scope of ice cream –it was vanilla flavour– over the strawberries. decorate it with whip cream, strawberry sauce and mint leaf. tadaaa! we’ve just sliced the strawberries and put the scope of ice cream over the half-cooked strawberries. and decorate it. it tasted very, very deliciouso!
after the class over, the restaurant management asked us a menu for lunch. ha? wow we got free meal for two of us. he asked whether we want hainan rice, kungpaw chicken or both. then a plate of hainan rice and kungpaw chicken came to us. with extra two glass of… I don’t know. it’s like strawberry something with marquisa pulpy.
two words to describe today: senang dan kenyang.

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