[Food Review] Roppan

my another-weekend-in-bandung. I was in ‘gabs time’ before I decided to go to ciwalk for some movies. me and my friend, ronny, watched colombiana that day. before the movie started, we went to roppan. it’s located in front row of ciwalk. you can find it easily when you walk into ciwalk.
roppan is toast and dessert specialist. the main entree is thick toast with various kind of toppings. I chose sunny shinjuku and chiizu meru. from the picture above, I’m sure you can make a difference between sunny shinjuku and chiizu meru.
yup! sunny shinjuku is on picture #3. it’s a toast with sunny up side egg over the top, sprinkled with bacon bits and cheese inside. it’s very yummy because they served it fresh from the oven. so the center of the egg was really really melted. that’s the best part when you eat sunny up side egg, right?
picture #4 is chiizu meru. it’s all about cheese. grated cheese and melted mozzarella cheese over the top.  with mint leaf also. the taste of the cheese wasn’t yummy cause the grated cheese was clotted. it’s not tasted like a cheese.
the price? the price is vary, depends on the toppings. the range of the price is from Rp. 11,000 – Rp. 15,000 for a toast. if you live in jakarta, don’t worry. you don’t need to spend 2 hours or more to get this delicious toast. you can find it in gandaria city and pejaten village also.
overall… 3 from 5 😀

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