happy x (soul, friends, meal) = great day + [Food Review] Shin Men

one of my happiest day in my life occurred days ago. finally I hung out with some of my best friends after our own busy life these days. we have finished our midterm exam and decided to watch a movie in ciwalk. before watching a movie, we visited shin men; a japanese restaurant that provides japanese food, specialize in ramen. it’s been a long time I didn’t go there because of ‘that’ phase of my life. one day I went there and ate the used-to-be-delicious ramen special for… 3 days in a row. then I felt so nauseated and decided to not eat it again.
but that day, I felt that I was ready to eat there again. but I didn’t order ramen special that day, I tried their tanin donburi. it’s a bowl of rice with beef and egg, served with a bowl of miso soup. I ordered for a small portion, but I thought that it was a large size. cause I’ve already felt so full while eating half a serving. don’t ever ask how does it taste, cause you have to try it yourself. delicious!
oya. when you’re on seat, you’ll be given a plate of crunchy salt crackers for free. this is why we loved to eat here, free and tastey crackers!
price. hmm actually I forgot the exact price for a bowl of tanin donburi. as I recall, it costs 23,000 something rupiahs.
tanin donburi, I give you 3 out of 5.

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