[Food Review] Cocorico

hello! I’m back to give a food review. this time, I wanna review cocorico. it’s a minimalist restaurant in dago atas. I don’t know what street cocorico is exactly located, but it is close to sierra cafe.
I went there with my best hang out friends; ayi & via. it was… days ago, I forgot. we had finished the class and looked for some delicious meal. as you can see in pictures above, the atmosphere in that place is so peaceful. it gives comfort feeling to eat and hang out here. you can choose the table that close to the window, so you can see the outside view. it would be much better in the night. the lights from bandung city is the most romantic view ever here.
I ordered hot chocolate and egg pilaf rice cocorico. egg pilaf rice cocorico is a plate of rice with smoked beef, mushroom and egg. it’s on picture number four. the following picture is mie rica ayam. it’s a spicy noodle with rica and chicken. it was via’s meal that day. it tasted so spicy! for you who loves spiciness, this mie rica ayam would go the best for you. next picture is pan fried fish dori. it was ayi’s plate. it’s a dori fish fried with soy-sweet sauce decorated with spaghetti pasta. next is pisang keju ice cream. it’s a fried banana with cheese over the top and served with a scope of vanilla ice cream. and the last picture is cream corn soup served with bruschetta. you can choose between bruschetta or zuppa soup.
and now it’s time to give a score for this restaurant. overall, the most I like about cocorico is the atmosphere here. it’s very cozy especially in the night. talk about the food, they were good. I tried all food that we ordered except pisang keju ice cream and cream corn soup. so far, they tasted good. hmm… I think cocorico deserves 3.5 out of 5 🙂

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