javasoulnation 2011

september 25th, 2011 I was attending javasoulnation 2011 at istora senayan, jakarta. I’m very happy ’cause finally I could watch depapepe’s performance. that’s one of my dream concerts I really wanna watch. remember thispost? yes, it was 2 years ago. I wrote five of my dream concert there. alhamdulillah yah I had watched two of them.I didn’t capture anything during the concert. hmm… I was really lazy to bring a pocket camera. besides, I just knew that I wouldn’t get closer to the stage, so I couldn’t capture it well. I was thinking that I could take some photos with my blackberry, but the device has a limit zoom. there were too many tall people standing in front of me, so I couldn’t get the best picture. that made me sooo lazy to take some photos.

there were many stages in javasoulnation. I was attending sophie ellis bextor and valerius’ performance. they were great! especially valerius. before I attended javasoulnation, I only knew two of their songs; she doesn’t know & you say when. I really like those songs. but after I saw their concert last night, I just realized that they have lot of great songs. their music is great! it makes me wanna download all of their songs but it’s hard to find their complete songs in internet. the free one, I mean :p

ok, that’s all. I wish indonesian promotors would realize all my dream concerts come true. amen.


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