[Food Review] Plate For Me

yesterday I went to Bandung Super Mall (BSM) with my father and brother. I felt so hungry after 4 hours of classes in campus. so I asked for food to my father. I had no idea what kind of food I would like to eat. eventually, we entered this restaurant, Plate For Me.
this restaurant is located in third floor. they serve pasta, galette and steak. according to the name, you can find so many plates hung as decoration on the restaurant space. their lamp decoration is made from plates too. I took some photos of decorations.
I was kinda like to eat some meat, so I ordered rib eye with mushroom sauce. they tasted good! the fried potatoes also tasted delicious. I didn’t find difficulty when I eat this steak. the meat was so easy to chew and soft. my brother ordered fettuccine carbonara (picture #9) and my father ordered macaroni and cheese (picture #8).
overall, the food tasted good and the price range is from Rp 20,000 – Rp 80,000. I give them 3,5 points from 5.

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