[Food Review] Le Marly

my mom picked me up yesterday. we were going back to jakarta. we had a relaxed lunch before we go. thought of the tastey cream soup and chocolate waffle they have, I chose Le Marly to have a lunch. le marly is located in Jl. Citarum no. 10 Bandung, right in front of Istiqomah Mosque. everytime I go there, I always find a full parking lot.
I tried their sirloin steak, cream mushroom soup and perugia pasta. I like the cream mushroom soup. they tasted great! there’s something creamy and milky in the cream soup. the mushroom was so delicious too. perugia pasta is the spaghetti pasta with spice and tuna. my main course was a sirloin steak and it tasted not that bad. I like the vegetables that they served and the little round shaped potatoes.
for the cream soup, I give 4.5 from 5. and for the others, I give… 3 from 5.

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