[Food Review] Go! Curry + Sushi Tei

I’ve been home alone since yesterday. my maid is still in her hometown, I don’t even know when she will be back here. anyway, since I don’t have anyone to serve me a lunch and I can’t cook :p, I decided to go to Pacific Place to have a lunch.
me and my boyfriend, A, went to Go!Curry. it is located in fourth floor Pacific Place, right next to Warjok. it’s a small space with broken white and brown shade. in the menu, there are 4 steps to order your meal.
the first step is to choose the curry. there are 4 types of curry that you might be choose; brown curry, green curry, yellow curry and rogan josh curry. the second step is to choose the level of spiciness. you might be like to have a mild, medium, hot, very hot and insanely hot to your curry. for insanely hot, you will be charged for 25,000 IDR. the next step is to choose the kind of the rice. there are long grain rice, cilantro butter rice and aromatic yellow rice. and the final step is to choose the topping for your meal. there are lot of toppings; tandoor chicken tikka, zesty cheese chicken, lamb cubes with herbs, breaded fish, mixed vegetables, chicken katsu, Australia oxtail, breaded prawns and New Zealand green shell mussels.
I personally chose yellow curry + mild level + cilantro butter rice + zesty cheese chicken. you can see the third picture above, yay that’s my lunch today. and my boyfriend’s choice was rogan josh curry + mild level + cilantro butter rice + tandoor chicken tikka. that’s on fourth picture above. for a plate of curry, you have to pay 56,000-75,000 IDR. our meals costs 56,000 IDR each one.
after had a lunch, I went back home while my boyfriend went back to his office. I arrived at 3 PM and played with my laptop and suddenly… BAM! the lights went off! I said hello to boredom and my bed. but I couldn’t sleep to kill times. thank you God, ’cause not long after that, the lights went on again. I prepared myself to go again. I had an appointment with my mom at 5PM. I drove my car and I wondered that the traffic wasn’t crowded. shorten, I arrived at Senayan City and lalala my mom hadn’t arrived yet. waiting waiting and waiting at Sushi Tei, I picked out these sushis; kanimayo tobiko maki and salmon sashimi. they’re my favorite!
yay, after my mom arrived, we ate lot of sushis and talked about nothing then went home. I drove my mom’s car and she looked scared ’cause I hit the road at 60-70 km/h -_- shorten, we arrived home and yay my tummy is the happiest tummy today. grok.

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