shopping at gedebage

after attended morning class today, I went to gedebage with my best mate, keti. that was the first time I drove my car to gedebage. usually we take a pinky public transportation called angkot. I thought that dago – gedebage was very far away and would be jammed. but I was wrong. ’cause we just arrived for less than 1 hour. if we took an angkot, we might be arrived 1 hour later. hmm… from now on, I will drive my own car if I want to go there.
gedebage has changed to a better version. the last time I went there, gedebage was an outworn clothes market with a muddy street and fuggy air. but now, it has changed! it turns to an arranged market with a small kiosks along the way. it’s more clean now. I rarely meet trash along the road. it feels good to shopping here now.
we spent about 3 and half hours. and I feel so satisfied ’cause I got 7 pieces of clothes for only Rp. 100.000. here comes the pictures…
the zebra patterns long sleeve costs Rp. 10.000. the pink rose and the flower branch patterns also costs the same with the zebra patterns. the next picture, I don’t know what patterns it is, it costs Rp. 20.000. the seller didn’t want to lower the price. whereas, I think it’s worth Rp. 15.000. next is a dress with a vertical stripes. I got it at Rp. 20.000. the following picture is a red mini flowers patterns. I was thinking to not purchase this item. but keti said that it looks great and she helped me to bid the price. thank God I got it at Rp. 15.000. the last picture, my favorite patterns ever! horizontal stripes and it’s black and white. thank God, the seller let me have this item for only Rp. 15.000.
that’s all. I can’t wait to go there again.

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