green area

this is my truly home. a small space where I sleep tight, have some wonderful dreams, meet my friends in the other hemisphere, cry out for happiness and sadness, make up my mind and my face, answer a phone call, do pray, do sins, lay my back all day long, eat snacks, waste my time, etc. I can do anything here. almost every single thing.
this is the first room I would enter if I just arrived home. I always miss this small space. whenever I get bored and homesick, I always want to fly away to this place. I love it when it’s messy. err yeah it’s always in a mess. I mean I like to put all my things in anywhere but in my green area. I don’t care as long as all my stuffs are safe in this place.
this place comes to perfect when the lights are dim, 16 degree celsius, blanket and  jazz music from iTunes. of course in the night. when the sun goes up, this place would be great with rising curtain and opened window.
almost any kind of animals are living here. from a little frog to a big teddy bear. there are four main characters that I always sleep with; a black n white-stripes cat named ketty, a blue fat rabbit named inchi, and two bolsters with head named okat & uti.
I love green area. too much.

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