[Food Review] Pasta De Waraku

what did you do on last weekend? me and my boyfriend decided to watch the very last series of harry potter, which is most of indonesian has been waiting for. we went to grand indonesia last night. we always have a hungry tummy. so, before we get into the studio, we walked around the mall to find the right restaurant with some great food. we wanted to visit the restaurant that we’ve never been there before. we found pasta de waraku on east mall.
you could see plates of menus in front of the restaurant. they’re hanging on the display window. from the display, I had a feeling that this restaurant would serve some great foods. then me and my boyfriend entered and had a seat.
the hungry tummy #1
the book menu is so big. it contains hundreds of delicious picture of foods and tempting name …with a mid-high price. after leafing through the book menu, we decided to order the packet of eel pasta. it includes a plate of eel pasta, a cup of corn cream soup, a bowl of dressed salad, a plate of seafood curry and a bottle of evian mineral water. it costs only 88.000 IDR. I think it was ‘super cengli’ for that much. here it comes the pictures…
eel pasta
seafood curry
dressed salads
corn cream soup
the corn cream soup was the first dish on our table. it tastes great! I nominate their corn cream soup as the best corn cream soup ever in the world! unfortunately, they gave us just a little portion. then dressed salad came and it followed by eel pasta and seafood curry.
the eel pasta tasted good with salty and savory eel. the best part of these dishes are the seafood curry. they have a great curry ever and it matches with delicious shrimps and scallops. unfortunately (again), they served us a little portion. the dressed salad tasted O.K with soy sauce. we also ordered salmon calpaccho, slices of salmon with fresh vegetables. it tasted good with only 33.000 IDR price.
salmon calpaccho
overall, I was very satisfied with the food. the service was good until our salmon calpaccho arrived about more than the promised time; 15 minutes. thanks God, ’cause I had a great weekend recently.
we are the hungry tummy

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