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I’m going to write about two phenomenal news that recently occurred in my beloved country, Indonesia. I think that one of this phenomena isn’t only occurred in Indonesia, but in this whole world.
I’m sure that all the movie freaks, especially Hollywood movie freak, were shocked to hear that Hollywood movies are no longer show in Indonesia. because of the motion picture association of america (MPAA) and the association of indonesian import film company (Ikapifi) protested the policy of the directorate general of customs to apply import duties on imported film distribution rights.
I know this is crazy and I can’t accept the reality. what will happen to the movie freak (including me) in the next days, next months, next years without Hollywood movies? I disagree about this decision. I can’t imagine if I had to watch indonesian movies. it doesn’t mean that I don’t love our local creations, but I don’t want to watch semi-horror-porn movies that indonesian produces every month.
fresh from the oven. yeah, this news is really fresh and new. I wake up at 8 this morning and checked my recent updates on bbm. one of my friend said that ubertwitter is

banned because of the violation. then I checked it out. and hell no, ubertwitter is really banned. when I opened the program, it said ‘forbidden’. it means I couldn’t use the program anymore. it m

eans… I should say R.I.P ubertwitter.
next, I hide the ubertwitter icon from my blackberry and show the twitter for blackberry application. some people couldn’t log in with their twitter for blackberry but thanks God, I could use it.

I read grumpy
tweets from some of my friends. most of them showed that they don’t like twitter for blackberry application. some of them confused how to retweet because there’s no retweet options like ubertwitter provided. for some people who like to reply tweets with retweet it, I think this is very confusing. they have to conform with the quote tweet thingy from twitter for blackberry.
a few minutes later, I found out that ubertwitter has changed its name to ubersocial. when I opened the website,

the display of ubersocial is the same like ubertwitter. they only changed the name. people download it fast, because the twitter for blackberry sucks.

I myself don’t download the ubersocial or another twitter program (some of my friends switched to socialscope too). I have no problem while using twitter for blackberry. so I’m not gonna download another version of twitter program. I just satisfied with what twitter for blackberry has given to me. the important thing is we can still tweeting and replying mentions.
so, keep on tweeting people! and keep on praying for the change of policy, so we can still watch the Hollywood movies.

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