hey people, I’m 19. it means I just have one year to spend my teen-age. I have to act more mature. I should prepare for the future from now.
I would like thank to all my friends who have said ‘happy birthday’ to me. thank you for all of you who sent me birthday wishes through blackberry messenger, sms, twitter or facebook. I’m very happy and glad that you guys didn’t forget my birthday. I’m sorry, I can’t mention all of your name here.
aditya was the first person who called me right at 12 o’clock. yudis was the first who texted me. avi was the first who mentioned me on twitter. unfortunately, I forgot who sent me birthday saying from facebook and blackberry messenger. oh I’m so sorry 😦
actually, someone has ruined my birthday. she is my mom. but I won’t talk about it here. the essential is that she ruined my mood and successfully bring me down. but in the end, I think I have to forgive her and all her ignorance. oya! maag and flu have ruined my birthday too! but thanks god, they’re gone fast.
one of my friend, ruby, gave me this cutie-little-present during TOM lesson. aaa super kiss for you, ruby :*

once again, thank you for made my birthday shining. I love you all, dear peeps :*

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