I’m crazy over this thing!

call me crazy. call me freak. because I was dreaming about this cutie-purple-flip-smart phone for 2 nights in a row! I’m dying for this gadget. I’ve met this gadget from my facebook homepage. one of my friend has been tagged a photo of blackberry something by indha cellular. I was curious and opened indha cellular’s page. and I found that they sell blackberry style. what is that? then I clicked new tab on it. and…….the word ‘love at the first sight’ really exist and true!
I google and search in kaskus for those who sells this blackberry 9670. eventually, I’ve found less than 5 users that sell this thing. they sell in high unaffordable price. I estimate that my budget is IDR 2 millions and they sell for IDR 4 millions above. whoa!
but I think I will buy this gadget from indha cellular. because they offer it for IDR 2 millions. it’s include the shipping cost. but I still consider and little doubt about the goods. is it black market goods? is it work with our local CDMA provider? oh yeah by the way it’s CDMA. and the important thing is: is it work? I mean the IMEI and the PIN of the blackberry. because I heard the saddest story about my friend. he bought a new blackberry from a trusted blackberry store. but unfortunately, he couldn’t use the blackberry messenger application because it said that the PIN wasn’t working well. and you know what, it’s blocked!
ok fine. I’m so fckin’ sure to buy this blackberrreeeh. just wait for less than weeks. because I’ll get this a very very soon! hahahaha (amin)!

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