yeay! this is my first post in 2011. whew, i’ve been blogging for almost 3 years! and since i made this blog, i never changed the main address. it always be curcolbie. i know it’s totally cheesy. but i don’t want to change it.
okay, focus on the topic, 2011. realize that i will have so much ‘fun’ this year. oh maybe i will get the real fun too amin. what fun and ‘fun’ for this year?
i will start a new semester in the end of january. and for the next 6 months, i will run IBE. FYI, IBE is one of subject for fifth semester in SBM. IBE obliges all students to sell their company’s product. i am the member of AIDIA company. my company provides cutie-clap-lamp and cool laptop sleeves. for further information, please visit our website: http://www.aidiacompany.com 😉
i’m officially marketing staff in AIDIA company. it constrains me to sell more products than any other staffs in other divisions. yay! this is the real challenge. in spite of the lack of communication skill, i believe that i can do the best. amin! okay, i’m gonna say this will be ‘fun’ for me.
what fun? hmm turn 19 this february? will it be fun? i hope so. i hope i will be surprised by my family, friends, also my boyfriend. even though i will be in bandung that day. i hope bandung will give me a good mood in my birthday.
what else? i don’t have any idea. let the 2011 flow as it’s accompanied by prayers. enjoy this year, people! hope this year will give us luck, happiness and lots of love 😉

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