Counting, counting, counting at Lia’s

Yesterday I went to Lia’s crib with Acos. We objected to take a rest for awhile and eat some food for our empty tummy. We took a rest for our weary back and ate KFC. Then we laughed and shared some story.When I got bored with all things there, me and Acos looked up at Lia’s desk. And we found a big green can. We thought that’s a snack can or wafer. When we opened it, TARAAA… we just surprised to see contents of the can. It was sack of coins and paper of money. We laughed it loud. Then we figured it out.

this is paper of money

we collected 5 of Rp.1000

me and Acos (left) was counting the coins

stack of coins we collected
It was Rp. 400.000,-! Can you imagine that? Rp. 400.000,- consists of sack of coins and paper of money? Final word, I’d like to say that Lia was so unusual hahaha ckck

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