5 Top Concerts I Want to Attend

Daft Punk

I’ve became their biggest fan since end of 2006. I heard One More Time and then I was falling in love with it.
Okay, I want to attend their amazing concert. Hope they will come to my country (wish it will be Jakarta, not Bali) this year. And hope I can take some photos with Bangalter & de Homem-Christo this year. Let’s say amin together, amin..
Humming Urban Stereo
I’ve became their fan since 2 months ago when I browsed someone’s blog. She wrote a list about ‘some-songs-you-must-listen’ in her blog. She put on Humming Urban Stereo on top. Then I googled and listened to their song called Hawaiian Couple. First impression about HUS is W-O-W! Then I texted my friend who love Korean wave, Acos, and shared about this indie electropop band. Then she downloaded 3 HUS’ albums!
This is one of my favorite Korean band besides Clazziquai Project. And this is my ‘must-play-song’ when I turn on my computer. I think it’s imposibble to attend their concert in Jakarta. If I could go to Seoul right now, I would attend their concert.
Whoaaaaa! I love almost of their songs! Drive, I Wish You Were Here, Earth to Bella 2 are my favorite. I want sing along with them in Light Grenades concert. Wish me have an occasion to see Boyd’s performance.
This British acid jazz band had performed in Java Jazz Festival 2006. But I didn’t have an occasion to see their performance. Wish I could sing When The Sun Goes Down with Jean Paul Maunick.
Super duper amazing acoustic guitar musical duo of Takuya Miura and Yoshinari Takuoka. Yeah just wish for them to come aja deh 

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