17 wishes

Tomorrow will be my birthday! So I made 17 wishes for my birthday. Oya, I will be 17 tomorrow on Feb. 17th! What an amazing number of 17! I will explain you my 17 wishes. Here they are….. (from left to right)
1. Universitas Indonesia
Who doesn’t want to be a student here? It’s #1 university in Indonesia. I’ll take psychology or management here. Just wish me luck to enter this biggest university. Lets say amin together, AMIIIIN
2. Institut Teknologi Bandung
I’ll try School of Bussiness Management (SBM) here. ITB is my second choice after UI. If I can pass this university, I will take this. I need your pray
3. Nokia E63
I planned to exchange my old cellphone -Nokia N73 Music Edition- to this new gadget. I want this QWERTY phone, instead of Blackberry.
4. Toshiba Laptop
Give me one of Toshiba laptop, please…… I planned to exchange my old laptop -HP Pavillion dv2000- to this Toshiba. I will take anything but Toshiba’s product please
5. iPod 160GB
Need more melody to acompany me studying or reading a book.
6. Astroboy
Hmm t-shirt/necklace/miniatur/bag/wallet? Anything you want to give but Astroboy please. I adore him damn much
7. Guitar
I wish I could play this instrument this year
8. Bermuda Beach
My obsession to visit. I wish I could be there, celebrate my birthday with my lovely people I had.
9. Daft Punk
I love them and still guessing for their face. Anyway, I want to greet them as soon as possible
10. Wavy Hair
My natural hair is wavy. Hmm not exactly wavy, it’s lil bit curly I thought. I want my natural hair back. I get bored with this fake straight hair
11. Persian Cat
I love the white one! I had five before. And I want have it once again
12. Cupcakes
Colorful, yummy and sweet. Give me for my birthday please. I like vanilla flavour
13. Lip Piercing
Wooow! This is my next project: got a piercing on the edge of my lower lip. It sounds cool, huh?
14. Skirt
I mean skirts. I don’t have any skirt except my school uniform’s skirt. How poor I am
15. Suzuki Aerio
Oh my dream car ever! I prefer the black one. Anybody want to buy me this thing?
16. Pandu Pramuditya
My best boyfriend I ever had. He could be my bestfriend, lover, overlaughing friend, someone to share life with, good motivator ever, wise brother, baby monkey and other. I love him damn much and I want him to come on my birthday
17. Friendsssss
Especially for my Gerombolan. I love them damn much. And absolutely, I want them to enliven my birthday yeah!
So, what’s your wishes for your birthday this year? Tell me

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