Forbidden Feeling

I know this is a mistake. You can say big mistake or just a little mistake.
Everytime he appears and greets me, I feel like there’s something grows in my heart. And everytime he asks me something or tells me something, I feel like I want to meet him at the moment. Just to see his face and maybe hug him for minutes because I… I miss him damn much!
Today I feel what he feels and just do the same things: crying. I feel his pain, I feel his happiness. I feel him. And I feel something…
I feel lost. I never felt so lose like this before. And I feel guilty. I regret all things. I wasted my times. And now, it never comes back.
I’m crying but I know, this tears won’t give my times back. And because in this real world, there’s no time machine.
Oh boy, I miss you…


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