about farewell 3 days ago

helllo everybody. how are you doin’? hope everything is okay
i just go back from pim. i watched this movie…

get smart! it was really made me overlaugh

i watched it with my mom and brother. then i bought j.co and go homenothing special for today. hmmm hey tomorrow i am going to bandung with my brother yeaaay! and the next day, we are going to… BALI! with my father too. it will be fun (i hope so) aah belom packing nih males banget gue z

3 days ago my class had a farewell in cendana buffet. it’s so close from my kompleks yao haha
namanya doang perpisahan kelas, tapi tetep aja misah2 hahaha. ah foto aja deh yao haha…

the girls of XI IS 2

just click it for large view

tebak dong febie yang mana hehe


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