what happened 2 days ago?
the answer is dufan with mom, brother, cousins, aunt and maid. it was boring because we queued for 2 hours just for play extreme log -the new game in dufan. ya lo tau lah wahana baru di dufan yang emang dari jamannya masih robocop ngantrinya masyaolo banget deh. we wasted time in dufan from 11 am from 6 pm. nothing special in dufan because i was bored with the atmosphere. and with alays in there hoa

what happened yesterday?
i went to iki’s house. i arrived at 12 pm and when i been there, he wasn’t at home. he was on the way to home from panji’s house. and guess how long i’ve been waited for him? it was 2 and half hours!!! emosi jiwa. i called him again and again for ask ‘where are you know? are you close to house?’ eventually i was fall asleep in living room. his maid called me to sleep in iki’s room. and i slept in iki’s room. waiting…. and because i was too emotional, i cried. and taraaaa… he was coming. and he was sorry for 2 and half hours waiting. i forgiven him and gave him cake which i bought for him. we laughed together, shared stories each other and had a dinner together
i asked him for stay and yeah he want to stay and waiting for me to change

what happened today?
watched tv and laughed with my brother hahaha. flat

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