doraemon dreamland

hey there! how you guys been? great? hope so…

i just got back from doraemon dreamland! i went there with ayi, lia, rani, mega &tesya. we prepared Rp 100rb for enter the event. but when we arrived there, mbak-mbaknya said “you guys are adult categories so you guys don’t have to pay for enter this dreamland. because you guys couldnt play in this area. just looking around”. whoa free!
we entered the area and just looking around the event. there are children everywhere yaiyalahya. and we just could buy some food/drink and get photos with doraemon air-baloons figure
i bought doraemon’s-face bread. before i eat it, i took it’s face haha

it’s chocolate flavour
walked, walked and walked and then we decided to take some photos……

left to right: rani, ME!, lia (upside) ; tesya, ayi, mega (downside)

lia nutupin nobitanya deh hahaha

ada pocong biru cuilik lewat

that’s all hehe. oya gue pernah janjiin buat naroh foto yg mirip fifi itu kan. itu loh hasil huntingan di itc kuningan waktu itu. hahahaha ini dia…… eng ing eeeeeeeeeeng…………………………


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