Engagement Day
























Alhamdulillah. I’m officially engaged to Bimo¬†now.ūüėÄ

May 22, 2016. One of my¬†favorite days in 2016 that I couldn’t ever forget. Bimo¬†and his big family came to my house with an intention: to ask my dad’s permission to propose his one and only daughter. Actually, Bimo and his family has done this proposal thingy informally on March.

The engagement day was going well. My make up artist, Tyas, who is my college friend, and her team were ready to start the make up process at 5. I liked her work, but I guess she needs to learn how to draw eyebrows properly. But overall, I looked different, in a good way (read: pretty slash beautiful slash fab). Thank you, Tyas.

During make up session, Mas Artha and his team from Adiza Photography, my photography vendor came to my room at 9, took some pictures. Done with make up thingy, I felt so nervous as hell. I checked my phone for hundred times, greeted all of guests I met downstairs, read the proposal answer text, texted my brother asking if Bimo’s squad had invaded my house, and texted my best friend telling her that I was so nervous I could poop my pants at that time.

Minutes later, I heard someone cough on the mic and greet the audience. God!¬†He just really came! The event started with Om Eddi, Bimo’s dad, told the intention and purpose of his big family¬†coming. Then I heard Bimo seized the mic, told the intention and purpose once again and… he asked my dad’s permission to propose me. I laughed to his trembling voice upstairs. Unfortunately I couldn’t see how his face look like while he was on the mic. The mic was returned back¬†to my dad and he called me.

I went downstairs accompanied by my cousin. I couldn’t¬†hide my amusement. I laughed and smiled to the moment I was at. I grabbed the mic and read the paper in my hand (sorry honey, I couldn’t get the right sentences though I read the text thousand times)

It was a big yes.

Like the most engagement event, the next session was the¬†ring exchange. Tante Hermi, Bimo’s mom, put the ring on my left fourth finger, so my mom did to Bimo. We couldn’t stop laughing to Bimo’s trembling hands while my mom started to put the ring on his finger. One of the favorite parts of the day was the moment when Mas Artha took some pics of us wearing the rings. God! I really have a fianc√© now.

The next agenda were family introduction, photo session with family, and lunch. The day was¬†ended by du’a and farewell with his big family. Alhamdulillah I saw happy faces all day long. Lot of smiles upon people’s face, especially upon my parents’, my families’, Bimo’s, and his families’ faces. It really made my day. Thank you!

I’m so happy and still couldn’t believe that a man that has ticked all the box of my ideal¬†soulmate list really exists on earth. And he just proposed me to be his wife. This is beyond a ‘dreams come true’.

Glass and Soy Sauce phase have been through well, alhamdulillah. We’re ready for the next journey to Salt phase, our biggest day on September 2016.


I Wish:


/ I knew how to get along with children, especially infants and toddlers. I don’t know why I always find myself hard to communicate with them, though they can’t speak fluently. It’s totally awkward and little bit uncomfortable being around them, I prefer being in the middle of new group who talk about uninteresting stuffs (uhm, not really, but I guess it’s better)

/ I could be more warm and friendly to everyone. Like do simple things such as greeting people, throwing smiles to people, making small talks, even just asking how they’re doing. Showing a good manner in social life. The next¬†level, I wish I could talk to people easier without being socially awkward.

/ Every rules I made wouldn’t be broken. Set a list of rules¬†of life in order to have a better life is easy. The hardest part is to be consistent and not cross the limits. Oh God, give me a combination of strengths and patience to get through this (read: sticking to the rules I made for myself)

/ I could stop being selfish, ignorant, and silly. I want to think about others first than mine. I want to be more curious about people and their different kind of interests. I want to be interested to something that I’ve never been¬†interested before. I want to stop making fun and laughing at inappropriate events. I want to be a-more-serious kind of person.

/ I could¬†meet everyone’s expectations, especially my parents, my soon-to-be-husband, and his family. I just wanna be a goddamn perfect to them. In any single aspects.¬†At least, I wanna see their happy and proud faces as I’m being a person they are looking for.




The most powerful word that becomes my life guidance.

Sabr is about holding back yourself in doing and avoiding something. Based on¬†what I’ve read, in Islam, sabr is divided into three categories;

  1. Sabr in the obedience to Allah. One should be persistent in the good deeds that he or she is doing, be focused, and have sabr to do them in the best possible way.
  2. Sabr in not disobeying Allah.¬†Interactions with people will create scenarios wherein there is the possibility to commit sin. Thus staying away from sins requires¬†sabr. It’s important to have sabr¬†when the opportunity for sins arises.
  3. Sabr in accepting Allah’s will. Life is about accept and learn.¬†Allah sends small difficulties that one should bear with patience and strive for Allah and be thankful to Him.

I know, it’s easier said than done. But I always want to have super extra sabr package in myself because I believe that having sabr will lead you to happiness.

Those are the ones who will be rewarded with the highest place in heaven for what they patiently endured.

(Q.S Furqan Verse 75)